Where it Started

Two women architects were frustrated how beauty products (and cities by the way) were built by big brands behind closed doors without listening to what the people want.

They had a crazy idea.

“What if we take the principles we learned in architecture about designing cities from the bottom up:
with the people, for the people,
& applied it to beauty!?" - Mounira, Co-founder

Boom  was born

Our Philosophy

We want to rewrite beauty by immersing you into a truly engaging body & soul experience.

Joona creates beauty products infused with collected stories from our rich culture, events, and people!


Some believe in healing crystals.
We believe in healing stories
A story is a powerful, unifying tool that connects mankind, breaks down barriers,and heals wounds, We want to preserve those intangible stories and transform them into tangible experiences that you'll enjoy

We Keep it Local

The Middle Eastern and North African regions are incredibly rich when it comes to beauty ingredients and heritage formulas. Castor oil, argan oil, rose water, lavender, camel milk, and many more are all centralized in this part of the world.
Locally sourced = empowered farmers
Locally sourced = less CO2 emissions
Locally sourced = less cost, better quality.

So why do we keep importing our beauty products and standards?

and Clean.

How Do We Do It?

1. Tell A Story

It always starts with a story, a picture, an event that spoke to us so deeply that we had to transform it into a product.

2. Co-Create

We hit the streets. We ask people. We listen. After creating several versions of the product, the final decision will be taken, always, by you.

3. Do Good

Good ingredients, ethical production, and giving back to the community is at the heart of our operations.