Full Face Glam !

Full Face Glam !

The ultimate 3 steps routine. Save $5!

Get the full face glam all in one beautiful reusable tote purse. Taking care of your skin has never been as easy, fun or affordable! This set will allow you to do a clay mask to detoxify and clear dirty pores, tone your face to balance pH levels, and moisturize to hydrate and plump your skin. It’s a full spa-facial experience in one bag.

So what’s inside?

1. Time for facial. 30g : A powerful powder mask consisting of French Rose Clay, Moroccan rhassoul clay, kaolin clay, and pomegranate peel powder for an extra boost of radiance.
2. Aloe Vera Infused Rose Water 100ml : Handmade locally from the finest Organic Rose Damascena Flower, Natural Aloe Vera, and vegetable Glycerin, this mist takes our beloved rosewater spray to the next level.
3. Liquid Moon Luxury Face Cream 30g : Formulated with rose water instead of regular water, this face cream will guarantee a soft and hydrated finish with a touch of dewiness.

Facts To Know:
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How To Use

Clean your face with water and remove makeup. Mix 1 teaspoon of the clay with 2 tablespoons of Joona Rosa Water. Add water or clay till you are satisfied with a paste-like texture. Apply to face and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off and you’re done!

Use Rose Water as a toner then apply a thin layer of Liquid Moon on your face and massage it into your skin.
Use the mask once or twice a week. Tone and moisturize daily for best results.

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