Face Mask Kit.

Face Mask Kit.

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Time to gather your friends and family and start mixing!
This powerful duo will guarantee clean and happy skin. Instead of buying each item alone, get them together in beautiful reusable tote purse.
What’s inside?
1. Time for facial. 30g : A powerful powder mask consisting of French Rose Clay, Moroccan rhassoul clay, kaolin clay, and pomegranate peel powder for an extra boost of radiance. This mask can be used as an exfoliator face scrub too!
2. Aloe Vera Infused Rose Water 100ml : Handmade locally from the finest Organic Rose Damascena Flower, Natural Aloe Vera, and vegetable Glycerin, this mist takes our beloved rosewater spray to the next level. It’s exceptionally good when mixed with the clay mask as it adds the anti-bacterial properties of the Rosewater to the mix.

Facts To Know:
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How To Use

How to mix?
Clean your face with water and remove make up. Mix 1 teaspoon of the clay with 2 tablespoons of Joona Rosa Water. Add water or clay till you are satisfied with a paste-like texture. Apply to face and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off and you’re done! That simple. That good.
You can also add more fun and beneficial ingredients to the mix like yogurt, honey, oats and more! Talk to us to know more.

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